Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The video below shows a bit of our office and all of us working very seriously...we have to get used to having down time in the office as things move a bit more slowly here. But, I am quite confident work will start picking up! This picture is of the entire group of interns(except Dom, one of the guys I am living with, has been cut out a bit). This shot was taken on the turf field that was built in honor of a soccer player at Franklin & Marshall who passed away due to heart complications a few years ago. The field is in Khayelitsha, a township outside of Cape Town. It was pretty awesome to get to play a huge, Grassroot Soccer-wide soccer tournament on this field(even our COO played!), in the thick of the township. We all had jerseys and team names, and balls were flying all over the place, over the fences, everywhere! The highlight of my playing was when one of the founders, Kirk Friedrich(who played on the Zimbabwean National Team), kicked a midfield shot that was going into goal, and I intercepted it, hoping to help with the goal, instead blocking his shot completely. I heard a lot of "Way to go, Scal!" after that, haha. My nickname has stuck even here!

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