Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Yard Sale Success!

Hello to everyone!

Thank you to the generous donors who have been supporting online, through checks to me, checks to GrassrootSoccer, and those supporting through kind words, connections and advice. It all means so much to me! I am starting to get increasingly excited and nervous for my next adventure, since I leave in approximately 1 month! Lots to do! I am so happy to report that this weekend I had a great yard sale, and with the help of great friends and the generous Barr-Harris family who allowed us to use their lawn, we raised over $1,000!! That certainly exceeded all expectations by far! We sold clothes, knick knacks, household products and had Grassroot Soccer information as well as gear to sell. Generous donations and good publicity helped to make this event such a great success. My overall fundraising is now up to approximately $4,000, although with the online donations it is difficult to say how much exactly, since those take a bit longer to process. But, I am well on my way! And, with a month left until leave, there is still much to be done! Please continue to help spread the word to friends, family, whomever this may appeal to, every bit helps!! Thank you again to everyone for supporting and believing in me and this cause, without you this literally would not be possible. Much love and keep in touch!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have already been getting wonderful support and donations from friends, family and even people whom I have never gotten to meet, so thank you!! Your support means the world to me, and this experience truly would not be possible without all of you. I am so grateful. Please continue to pass the word on about Grassroot Soccer and my internship, every little bit helps!! I have some great ideas and suggestions going from the Grassroot Soccer office, as well as friends and family in my hometown. We had a great article published in our newspaper, the Norwich Times, about GRS and what we do, with a great little blurb about me and Austin Haynes, another local intern. This weekend I have a yard sale benefit, and Austin and I are in the process of writing foundations, going to businesses and local organizations, and continuing to write letters to family and friends. It is a slow process and lots of work, but I so believe in this cause and I am confident that my goal will be attained. At the moment, I have raised about $3,000, so there is much work to be done, but lots of great fundraisers planned! So, if you have any ideas or suggestions(as always), please keep them coming! But again, THANK you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

An interesting Link

If you have a minute, I suggest you watch this video, it gives some good insight into GrassrootSoccer. Pretty powerful.

I figured I should let you all know exactly what Grassroot Soccer, Inc. is, and what I will be doing for the next year!!

I have recently been selected to serve as an Intern for Grassroot Soccer, an organization based out of Norwich, VT, joining their fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. Grassroot Soccer, Inc. (GRS) is an international non-profit organization that is using the power of soccer and community role models to empower African youth with the knowledge, skills and support to live HIV-free. This August, I will begin 12 months of service in one of the following sites in which Grassroot Soccer operates – Zambia, Malawi, and South Africa. As an Intern, I will be involved with all aspects of the successful delivery of the GRS program – training professional soccer players and other community leaders in the GRS Curriculum; building relationships with private, non-profit, and governmental organizations; designing, monitoring, and evaluating program implementation; fulfilling key operational and administrative duties in GRS offices. I am very excited to use my passion and dedication to inspire and move to action many youth in Africa.

Because this is a volunteer position with a non-profit organization, I will not receive any compensation for my time of service. With the exception of housing, GRS is unable to provide financial assistance or services for its Field Interns. Therefore, I am asking for your support in covering my expenses while I am in Africa. This includes travel to and from Africa, local transportation, food, health insurance, required immunizations and medications, and even everyday items such as toiletries. My fundraising goal to support my 12 months of service is $12,000. With the support of my family and friends, I am certain that I will reach my target and be able to serve this worthy cause.

While the HIV/AIDS epidemic is devastating and desperate, it is entirely preventable and treatable. If humankind is going to conquer this epidemic and other issues of poverty and infectious disease we must invest in our youth; children are the future and Grassroot Soccer is helping them make the difference! I want to extend this invitation for you to join my mission and journey in fighting the spread of this preventable disease. I will keep an active blog with stories and photos to share my work and experiences with you.

Having just graduated from St. Lawrence University on May 17th, I am both excited and daunted by this upcoming experience. But, I am hoping that this year will help me to find my passions, challenge myself and allow me to look at the world and myself in a completely different manner. I am confident that this year will propel me forward in my life and towards a future career.

Any contribution that you can make is greatly appreciated, just knowing that I have the support of family and friends means so much to me as I venture forward with this journey.

Thank you so much for your continued love, interest and support. Again, if you have any questions, please contact me at any point! I would love to hear from you.